Paramount Trinidad Offshore Racing's 14-71 to ProCharger conversion
STEVE MORRIS ENGINES conversion for Paramount Trinidad Offshore Racing in Trinidad's 50' M...
published: 21 Jul 2014
RUDY BRONSON interviews Paramount Trinidad Offshore Racing Team with their Mystic 50 Ft Boat prep.
Rudy Bronson interviews Trinidad Offshore Boat Racing Team Paramount in Miami Beach, Flori...
published: 24 Jun 2012
author: chargeup
Offshore World Championship 2014 Team: Trinidad Tarpon Thunder
Just returned from an unbelievable trip to Quepos, Costa Rica. We competed in the 2014 Off...
published: 28 Apr 2014
Helicopter Landing on BP Offshore Platform Trinidad South East Coast
One of the many times Cargo Operations was suspended at Mahogany Alpha Platfom, a BP owned...
published: 28 May 2011
author: vpraggg
Drilling Slant Hole Oil Well Offshore Trinidad
Tripping Pipe W/Service King 775 Slant Rig using a Venture Tech K-250 Ton Power Swivel & a...
published: 05 Feb 2012
Cargo Operations East Coast of Trinidad at Teak Echo
Offshore supply boat in operation....
published: 16 Feb 2012
author: KADET100
Global Warmer Offshore Racing Team (Trinidad & Tobago) HD
Global Warmer : 40' Fountain Deep Vee.. Offshore Powerboat Racing Trinidad & Tobago. A qui...
published: 10 Jul 2013
Video footage of Bounty Well Test Offshore Trinidad
Video footage of Bounty Well Test Offshore Trinidad....
published: 20 Dec 2009
author: inspots
Offshore Demo
Sample video of various offshore operations in U.S. and Trinidad....
published: 12 Apr 2013
author: Jay Olivier
Great Race 2012
This year we took a different spin on Great Race doing it more documentary style to show w...
published: 18 Aug 2013
BP Acquires New Offshore Blocks In Trinidad
BP (NYSE:BP) announced that it has been awarded two deepwater gas exploration blocks by th...
published: 25 Jul 2011
BAE Systems - 90m Offshore Patrol Vessel [480p]
The two 90m Offshore Patrol Vessels for the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard are part of a ...
published: 26 Aug 2010
author: arronlee33
Carib Great Race 2010 Trinidad and Tobago
Great Race 2011 coming up on the 27th of August bigger boats more boats, faster boats, one...
published: 03 Sep 2010
BG Poinsettia Offshore Platform
Largest oil and gas offshore facility installed in Trinidad - Tobago waters. Read more abo...
published: 15 Apr 2013
author: Fluor dev
Youtube results:
IN THE PUMP ROOM (2 Rednecks Jamm'in Offshore)
this is 2 good ole boys on an oil rig in their downtime just gettin down on a song. i used...
published: 09 Mar 2013
Bosiet Offshore Survival Training
Offshore survival class. I did not make this video....
published: 13 Aug 2009
author: bstansbu
Offshore Supply Boat
Offshore the Atlantic Coast of Trinidad!...
published: 13 Oct 2011
Trinidad Salmon Run - June 3, 2012
Got a king offshore from Trinidad to complete the Trifecta of salmon from three different ...
published: 05 Jun 2012
author: LoletaEric